Established in 2008, WaveTherm Corporation specializes in providing thermo-mechanical products and design solutions tailored for companies at the forefront of embedded technologies and integrated electronic systems. Our product range encompasses both standard Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products and bespoke metalwork solutions.

Mission Statement

WaveTherm Corporation strives to satisfy customer requirements through the development of innovative solutions, on-time delivery of products and services, and continual improvement of product quality and reliability.

Key Innovative Solutions


The SOLIDWEDGE™ stands apart from the competition with its unique positive drive mechanism and thermal advantages, achieved through the elimination of the conventional long drive screw. Offering superior thermal performance, increased clamping force, and featuring the world's only wedgelock retainer with positive retraction, SOLIDWEDGE™ sets a new standard in its field.

Variable Force Injector-Ejector

WaveTherm's patented Variable Force Injector-Ejector products represent a technological breakthrough in COTS solutions. These products are the only known injector-ejector products capable of delivering the necessary injection forces for installing high-end, pressurized, liquid flow-thru VITA 48.4 modules. This achievement not only solidifies WaveTherm's position in high-end systems but also ensures a sustained competitive advantage in this specialized market segment for years to come.


Grounded in international open standards, OpenCOTS reference designs streamline the integration of WaveTherm's premium standard COTS products, empowering our customers with industry-leading mechanical packaging expertise. The sales of OpenCOTS products provide WaveTherm with invaluable insights into emerging programs, enabling us to seize early-stage opportunities for delivering high-value services.

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