3U VPX Conduction Cooled Thermal Load Board Module

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The WaveTherm conduction-cooled thermal load-board module is a cost-effective solution for thermal testing of rugged or mil-spec enclosures and systems using wedge locks. The PCB design permits your choice of either primary or secondary side wedgelock positioning for compatibility with systems using either wedgelock configuration.

Host Heat Frame
Type T Thermocouples (x2)
PCB Load Board (x2)
SolidWedge™ Retainers
Fully Assembled

Built to Order (Est: 8-16 Weeks)

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Product Details

Product Features

Complies to VPX Standards
Customizable Heat Plates
115W Dissipated at 12/24/48 Volts
Type T thermocouples embedded in heat frame with leads accessible to user

Material Specifications

Kit Includes:
Host Heat Frame
Type T Thermocouples (x2)
PCB Load Board (x2 for 6U)
SolidWedge™ Retainers

WaveTherm Advantage

The WaveTherm Conduction-Cooled Thermal Load Board Module is part of the OpenCOTS portfolio of products intended for accelerated product design and real-world qualification testing of 3U and 6U conduction-cooled single board computers. WaveTherm’s OpenCOTS products facilitate faster time to market, reduce engineering allocations, and minimize production fabrication costs.