HW3-64-350-225 High Force

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400lb Maks klemkraft
3 aktive segmenter
6,4" monteringsavstand
0,350" profilhøyde
0,225" profilbredde

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Product Details

Product Features

400lbs clamping force
Mass: 11g
Air Flow thru design
Conduction Cooling - Shared Thermal Load
Zero Insertion Force
Self Retracting Segments
Positive Retraction System
Large Drive Screw (6-32)
Models Available for Download
Torque to 10 in lbs

Material Specifications

Active Wedge Segments: 6061-T6511
Front Mounting Block: 6061-T6511
Screws, Nuts, Washers: 300 Series Stainless Steel (passivated per AMS - 2700)

WaveTherm Advantage

WaveTherm’s Hybrid SOLIDWEDGE™ represents an innovative approach to secure and cool rugged single board computers. This evolutionary design delivers revolutionary performance gains by facilitating maximum air flow through a card-edge retaining device with simultaneous conduction-cooling properties. Through conductive distribution of the thermal loads of higher wattage boards to the cold wall, and to lower wattage adjacent boards, the Hybrid SOLIDWEDGE™ enables more efficient board-level and system level thermal designs.