SW5-475-275-300 Max Force Big Boss #6

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Helicoil Insert Drive Wedge
1000lb Maks klemkraft
5 aktive segmenter
4,75" monteringsavstand
0,275" profilhøyde
0,300" profilbredde
0,1 °C/W termisk motstand per kortkant

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Product Details

Product Features

1000 lb Clamping Force
Mass: 19 g
Helicoil Insert
#6 Drive Screw
Zero Insertion Force
Low Profile Design
Self-Retracting Segments
Superior Plating Endurance
Optimized for Vita Specifications
Models Available for Download
Torque to 6-10 in-lbs

Material Specifications

Active Wedge Segments: 6061-T6511
Front Mounting Block: 7075-T7351
Screws, Nuts, Washers: 300 Series Stainless Steel (passivated per AMS - 2700)
Helicoil Wire Insert: Nitronic 60

WaveTherm Advantage

The SOLIDWEDGE™ wedgelock design provides three times the thermal contact area of conventional wedge locks.

The design also features a larger screw size, which creates higher contact forces between the heat frame and cold wall surfaces, significantly improving thermal performance.

The interconnected links of the SOLIDWEDGE™ feature positive retraction of all segments without the use of springs or other mechanisms.

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